Musical Memories Volume 1

by Musical Memories

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released October 24, 2013


all rights reserved



Musical Memories Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Darcy Carr and Rosie Treverton - She Was Young
She Was Young

Bm A
She was young 21 from Melbourne
Bm A
Saw an ad in the paper made the call
Bm A
Those few lines they beckoned her to London
G A Bm A
Without looking back she was gone gone gone
G A Bm
Without looking back she was gone

When the boat landed she was filled with wonder
London’s city lights had never shone so bright
She worked long and hard with the children
A job that would take her far and wide wide wide
A job that would take her far and wide

Skipping back and forth out of Geneva
Money’s gone her shoes were full of holes
She hitched a ride in a black Mercedes
Roaring down the icy winding road road road
Roaring down the icy winding road

She met a man one fine day in Munich
They’d grown up not so far apart
Talk about degrees of separation
It was the city of her Love love love
It was the city of her Love

She was young 21, she was a traveller
14 years abroad opened her eyes
It was a job that she got from the paper
One choice one call one chance that changed her life life life
It was a chance to change her life
Track Name: Felix Hosken and Harvey Roche - Voice for the Voiceless
Voice for the Voiceless

At 6 o’clock each morning, she gets the wake up call
Forbidden fruit and the feeding bell the colors rise and fall
Watching out her window, she never feels alone
G Em D
Nature’s conversation is where she feels at home

G Em D
She’s a voice for the voiceless…
G Em D
Giving choice to the choiceless
C G Em D
You’re never alone when you’re doing what’s right

Nesting in the rosemary right by her back door
31 days of waiting, they don’t stay here any more

She walked them through the garden and across the busy road
A line of little travellers finding their way home.

Waking up one morning it looked like it had snowed
Outside in was inside out tissues overflowed

If he hadn’t used up nine lives, I think he had by then
Sleeping in the bookshelf to catch the sun again
Track Name: Daisi O'Tierney and Georgia Walker - The World Has Changed
The World has Changed

Capo on 5th fret
G Em C D
Growing up with my family, in a quieter time
G Em C D
Sit around the fireplace talk into the night
Am C G Em
The television came and we pushed the chairs right back
Like the curtain closing at the end of an act

G Em Am C D
She said, the World has changed since I was your age x 2
Am D G Em
You say you spend time with each other but you’ve never been more apart
Get your minds together go back to the start

I’ve seen so many changes since I was your age
Every day it seems to me, we write a brand new page
Everyone’s looking down and I just want to say
Lift your head up high cos it’s a wonderful day

No internet, no takeaway food, no supermarkets, no being rude,
No refrigerators or telephones, you couldn’t keep ice cream at home
Life was different way back then, we seemed to have more time for friends.
But you know it will be alright in the end.
Track Name: Connor Laidlaw and Harry Wooldridge - Don't Turn Your Back
Don’t Turn Your Back

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio
With seven brothers and three sisters was all about survival
Drive down in our wagon and we’d gather up the bread,
Dumped there by the big old trucks, in a big old shed

Don’t turn your back for a moment, or the food will be gone
Gone Gone, The food will be gone

The family was so big they had to eat in shifts,
Tyre tracks on the loaves of bread didn’t matter a bit
But the bread had a special smell that wouldn’t go away
It stayed inside our bodies and came right out to stay

The bully Clifford Bueller, he was big and dumb
He’d try to push the kids around he wondered where the smell came from
The tyres burning down the road, she’d always say
Buy him off in lollies and send him on his way

Too much of anything, can be bad for you
But when you haven’t got that much there’s not much you can do
Always eat the leftovers even okra soup,
Reading late for Sundaes
An innocence of youth

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